SeriesPot size (from-to)Vigor within segmentOutdoor Score  (1=not applicable, 5=very applicable) Time from sowing to flowering (number of weeks)
SeeWhy6-10,5 cmCompact424
Picola6-10,5 cmCompact424
Goblet9-10,5 cmCompact524
Snowridge Mini9-12 cmMedium525
Winfall9-12 cmMedium-Vigorous525
Silverado Compact9-12 cmCompact526
Facila10,5-12 cmCompact425
Kyoto10,5-12 cmMedium-Vigorous228
Merita10,5-13 cmMedium325
Laser10,5-13 cmMedium526
Snowridge Midi11-14 cmMedium527
Perfetto12-14 cmCompact329
Sierra12-16 cmMedium329
Maxora Friller12-16 cmMedium232
Fleur en Vogue12-16 cmMedium233
Snowridge Maxi12-16 cmMedium430
Winter Ice13-19 cmMedium-Vigorous332
Rainier13-20 cmVigorous330