Syngenta Flowers Digital Summer Trials 2021

Syngenta Flowers Business International has created a Digital Summer Trials collection of video promotions. This 19 minutes video contains short clips of many new and existing series in our portfolio.

Hard to understand?

Subtitles are available in several languages, with more to come. Click on the youtube video to open it in your browser. Select the CC button in the lower right corner and click on the gear wheel to open the settings. Select your preferred language in the submenu Subtitles/CC.

Fast forward to your series of choice!

Pelargonium Maverick
Pelargonium Pinto Premium
Pelargonium Tango
Pelargonium Bunny Ice
Pelargonium Bulls Eye
Pelargonium Ringo 2000
Pelargonium Calliope
Tagetes Inca II
Tagetes Antigua
Verbena Obsession
Verbena Obsession Twister
Antirrhinum majus Snaptini
Antirrhinum majus Snaptastic
Begonia Tophat
Begonia Bowler
Gazania Kiss
Gazania Big Kiss, Orange Flame, Yellow Flame
Gazania Gazoo
Gazania Frosty Kiss
Dianthus Venti Parfait
Dianthus Diabunda
Petunia Damask
Petunia Duvet
Petunia FlasForward
Petunia FotoFinish
Petunia Skybox
Petunia Tritunia
Dahlia Grandalia
Verbena Lanai
Lobelia Laguna
Lobelia Techno 2.0
Petunia Sanguna

See something you like? 

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