Store your Syngenta seeds

We take pride in doing everything we can to provide you with the best seeds possible. In this video, Ruud van Zundert, our Technical Specialist gives you valuable tips on how to store your seeds under optimal conditions. He explains you how you can keep your valuable seeds safe an healthy.

The best conditions for seed storage

Conditions required for optimum seed storage are the exact opposite of those desired for gemrination which takes place when water and oxgen are present at a favorable temperature. Seeds should be kept dry and cold. Avoid sub-zero temperatures!

Our guidance for you to store your seeds

  • Store your seeds in hermetically sealed, undamaged packages. 
  • Hermetically closed packages should be stored without subjecting to sudden temperature changes. 
  • Optimal storage regime is in the range from +5 to +15 degrees Celcius, higher temperatures lead to losses in germination. 
  • General optimum air Relative Humidity during storage of flower seeds is between 22-40%

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