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Key Market Trends

The markets in the Middle East are mainly driven by governmental investments and the tourism sector. To serve this market in a profitable manner, Syngenta Flowers offers a portfolio to customers in the Middle East that is known by a wide range in varieties and species, ease of purchase and economical pricing.

Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa face extreme water scarcity and breeding for drought tolerant is therefore a must have for a flowers portfolio that is suitable for this market.

Syngenta Flowers offers strong genetics in many annual and perennial seeds species.

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Syngenta Flowers Middle East Distribution Network

Our strong and competitively priced varieties are brought to the Middle East markets via our valued distributors.

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Marketing Support

  • Please find our Syngenta Flowers Business International Catalogs and brochures. We have a Collection for our Seed raised varieties and one for our Cuttings varieties. See something you like? Reach out to your distributor nearby!
  • Syngenta Flowers distributors can access our Online Image Library. Here we have hig resolution images available for promotional purposes. Your preferred varieties are easy to find with the smart search function. You can download low resolution items for online purposes and high resolution for Point of Sale promotion. 
  • If you want tips on how to grow our genetics, please visit the Culture and Tech library (from the Syngenta Flowers US website).

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Syngenta Flowers Cyclamen - greenhouse concrete floor