Syngenta FlowerTrials International Conference - Live!

Syngenta Flowers International Conference - Live!


We offer a live broadcast from our Flower Trials site in De Lier, The Netherlands.
Especially for customers from Asia, Pacific and Russian speaking countries who are unable to travel to The Netherlands. 
We will broadcast a International Conference live from the event location, so it will be like you are actually attend our flowers show in person.

We have lined up several keynote Syngenta speakers for you, to learn about our perspective on Asian market dynamics and how we address them with outstanding genetics. The Conference will surely bring you lots of opportunities to grow your business.


Starting his ornamental career at a very young age, Mark Schermer is not only the Business Head of Syngenta Flowers, but also a true flower enthusiast. Read more on Mark Schermer, Head of Flowers on


As a frequent flyer in the pre-Covid years, Head of Syngenta Flowers Business International is very familiar with all international markets. Leading the team of Key Account Manager in markets like China, India, Rest of Asia, Russian speaking countries, Turkey, Africa, Middle-East and Latin America, he is very well aware of what is going on in the international flowers business. 


Steve Waters is the Syngenta Flowers Business International Product Manager. A very experienced horticulturalist with 25+ years industry experience, of which 15 years he has had product related roles within Syngenta Flowers. Steve is excited for the opportunity to advise you on how to best position our outstanding Syngenta genetics for the various markets around the globe.

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