Syngenta Flowers wins award for show garden at Shanghai International Flowers Show 2023

Shanghai International Flower Show 2023

At Shanghai International Flower Show, Syngenta Flowers was invited to participate in the show and build a show garden, demonstrating the great performance of our genetics. Our scenic spot was unanimously praised by the experts in the competition of scenic spot layout and won the platinum award! For the five crops on display, Helianthus annuus Sunfinity and Ageratum houstonianum Artist won platinum awards and Penstemon hartwegii Arabesque won a gold award in the competition.

The 2023 Shanghai International Flower Show was hold in Shanghai Botanical Garden from April 12 to May 22. The theme for this year’s show was “Delicate Horticulture, Beautiful Life”. Syngenta Flowers show garden was called 'Raiders of Spring' and the design of the scenic spot was inspired by the axis-symmetrical flower bed. The flower bed pattern is dominated by a beautiful blue,red and yellow colour. The plants were allocated in different height, which shows the different application and collocation of plant at different levels in the flower bed. 

Shanghai International Flower Show 2023
Shanghai International Flower Show 2023

Crops in the flower bed:
Begonia x Hybrida Bionic
Penstemon hartwegii Arabesque
Helianthus annuus Sunfinity
Laurentia axillaris Starshine
Ageratum houstonianum Artist