Syngenta Flowers wins Award for best plant material at Show ExpoPlantas – Colombia


Luis Corsini receiving the Award from ExpoPlantas together with the management of Distributor L&G Agroflowers.

In the weekend of 19-21 October, the fourth edition of ExpoPlantas, the Colombian Nursery Trade Show took place in Fusagasugá, Colombia. With 80 exhibitors from eight countries and 1,000 professional visitors, the show exceeded expectations. Our colleague Luis Corsini, Key Account Manager LATAM was present at the booth of our distributor L&G Agroflowers and looks back on a successful show.

Besides various workshops, guest-speakers and a recognition ceremony, there was also a contest held for ‘Best Plant Material' on display at the show.

The judges awarded our Begonia Top Hat White with the second place in the Best Outdoor Product category, based on flower size, shape, garden performance and botanical performance. Interestingly the audience of the show, mostly growers, rated the Top Hat Rose Bicolor as best.

Besides our Begonia Top Hat, also our Cyclamen Winter Ice had a notable recommendation from the judges in the category Best Indoor Product. Cyclamen is a very demanded product and well-known by Colombian growers.


Feel the energy in Colombia

Luis is pleased with the developments he sees in his area: “Colombia is a new market for our products, with lots of exciting opportunities. Currently the focus is on cut flowers. Colombian growers are able to produce a high quality flower with low-tech productions methods. There are lots of different plants that can grow under the same conditions.


“Colombia is a springboard market for other Latin American countries and can act as a catalysator for the other markets in the region. We have two distributors and lots of trials running, for instance in Dahlias in collaboration with growers and other partners. Especially in seeds we are going to run a lot of trials to add new series to this market. You can really feel the energy!”


Michael van Baekel, Head of Marketing Business International adds: "We see quite some potential in the Columbian market. Not only due to the presence of technically skilled growers. But also, compared to a huge market like Brazil, there is less delay due to Country Access. This is probably because the ornamental export industry is quite big in Colombia. So, there is more governmental focus to compliantly bring in seeds, compared to other countries in the region. Based on these characteristics, you can say Colombia is really a flowers country.”


Some of Colombia’s larger cities have garden centers where pot and bedding flowers are sold. But most of the trade is direct, by growers, just on the side of the road.