Syngenta Flowers shows innovations at annual Breeder Cultivar Trial of Gardens by the Bay

Breeder Cultivar Showcase

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is famously known as a showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry. But in the horticultural industry it’s also know as a very well equipped place to host a world-leading trial platform in tropical climates. This Breeder Cultivar Trial attracts growers from all over South-East Asia.

Gardens by the Bay creates a unique platform where growers can get in contact with innovative varieties from the world leading breeders. As one of its founding partner, Syngenta Flowers brings a series of innovations to the Trial.

This year, Syngenta Flowers Technical Specialist Ivan Pozdnyakov will speak about the opportunities in high quality cuttings and the fytosantiary requirements for a successful crop cycle. The gloves are off in this presentation about hygiene and discipline to unlock the full potential of the genetics.

Below some highlights that will be mentioned there:

Relax, it’s Rio
Already known for years in Europe and the US, Syngenta Flowers introduces its Rio Mandevilla series. Rio boasts exceptional crop features. It gets its very attractive look from very bright colored big flowers. Rio Dipladenia is such a heat lover, that it can be grown in Singapore outside the air-conditioned greenhouses.

Vegetative Petunias
Dekko is a Petunia that has very though plants, suitable for outdoor conditions in tropical Asia. It can be used both in patio’s and landscape. Dekko is carefully tested under the Californian sun for landscaping purpose. Because of its extreme spreading habit Dekko provides an economical solution for landscaping. A single plant is able to cover over half a square meter within two months growing time.

The smaller unusual bell-shaped flowers of Itsy is really a surprise plant. Itsy is a Petunia in disguise... Because it has the appearance of a calibrachoa, but can be grown as easily as a Petunia.

Gerbera Cartwheel
Gerbera is a tricky plant to grow for many growers. Syngenta’s Cartwheel from seeds has many characteristics to optimize the change of success for any grower. It is resistant to high PH and chlorosis, caused by iron deficiencies. Cartwheel has a semi-double daisy shaped flower which is liked by people all over the world.

Next to new varieties Syngenta Flowers also brings new concepts to Gardens by the Bay. Our R&D teams have carefully selected combinations of genetics that play well together in a hanging basket or large container. This required an entirely new look to the assortment. The Syngenta Flowers Combo selection shows genetics that are a perfect fit in flowering time, growing habit under similar growing conditions. By offering Combo selections we offer ideation to growers to increase their sales opportunities towards end consumers.

Come and visit the Breeder Cultivar Trial initiative on Wednesday 22nd of November 2023 and listen to the presentation of Technical specialist Ivan Pozdnyakov.

Details of the event:
•    Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023
•    Time: 1.00pm - 6.00pm
•    Venue: Research Glasshouse, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

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