Syngenta Flowers connects and strengthens relationships at Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing



Growing & Blooming Together

The 26th Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing ended successfully last week for Syngenta Flowers. Global Head of Syngenta Flowers Mark Schermer and Head of Flowers APAC Mallikarjun Mangrule both joined the Chinese team during the trade fair: Mallikarjun: “We were excited to welcome so many growers to our booth. Also meeting up with our distribution partners, and retailers who were quite impressed by the potential of our new, improved, and existing products and ideas.”

IPM Beijing 2024
IPM Beijing 2024

From left to right: Kehao Shi – Business Manager China, Lena Li – Technical Sales Manager, Lynn Mengxue – Technical Sales Manager, Mark Schermer – Global Head of Flowers, Kathy Ding – Marketing Communications Specialist, - Phoebe Xie – Technical Sales Manager, Mallikarjun Mangrule – Head of APAC Flowers.

Innovations in a wide portfolio

One of the most eye-catching elements in the Syngenta Flowers booth was Sunfinity. Sunfinity is the next generation of sunflowers. It offers non-stop blooming and continuous flowers throughout the entire season.

IPM Beijing 2024

Mr. Zhu Ping’an, a big grower from Beijing Manyuanchuan, is the supplier of the high-quality Sunfinity plants that were on display in Beijing IPM. 


This is the first year that Chinese growers were able to see Syngenta’s new Impatiens interspecific Spectra grown in China. Visitors were impressed by how the company raises the bar for New Guinea Impatiens (NGI) through this product of interspecific breeding. This series has large flowers and excellent branching of the plants. Spectra is earlier to flower and has more flowers than standard NGIs.

IPM Beijing 2024

Cora XDR

XDR stands for eXtreme Disease Resistance. Cora XDR is highly resistant to the ten most virulent isolates of Phytophthora nicotianae that cause Phytophthora blight on annual vinca. This is why Cora XDR is called ‘The flower with the power!’ The Cora XDR wall of flower bags with large showy flowers was quite a hit in the show. Many visitors came to take pictures with the Cora XDR flower wall.

IPM Beijing 2024

Mr.Yu Zhangming and Mr. Sheng Renjun is from Shanghai Jincai. The excellent Cora XDR flower bags were produced from them.

Sweet Duet

Another highlight on display that won over many visitors is the highly fragrant Sweet Duet. Kehao Shi – Business Manager China: "Sweet Duet has superior doubleness and better flower size compared to competition, with attractive color combinations. And the strong stems with good branching habit makes Sweet Duet a great option for late Spring and early Summer sales in larger containers and premium formats."

IPM Beijing 2024