Syngenta Flowers Conference

During FlowerTrials we hosted the Syngenta Flowers Conference (live talk show), at our location in De Lier, The Netherlands.
This conference included an in-depth discussion with industry experts on crossover between flowers, art, public health, plant science, business growth and the protection of good ideas.


Michael van Baekel

Michael van Baekel - Head of Marketing Syngenta Flowers APAC

Michael is a graduated philosopher with a marketing background in Vegetables, Flowers and Crop Protection business. He is particularly interested in crossings of innovation, cultural diversity
He now leads the marketing strategy for the Asian region
Maarten Leune

Maarten Leune - Managing Director Royalty Administration International (RAI)

Maarten is the internationally known specialist in Intellectual Property (IP) rights, such as PBR/PVP, Patents, Trademarks, etc., in plants and flowers. His company RAI is the independent licensing agent for ca. 300 breeders in ornamental plants and flowers.
Geert Maas

Geert Maas – Master Floricultural Designer & Graphic Designer, artist, lecturer

Geert combines his career as performing artist with a teaching position at Universities in Munich & Wageningen. He also functions as a business consultant for over 3 decades helping retail in their offer for consumers of the future.
Ronald Snijder

Dr. Ir. Ronald Snijder – Breeder and Co-lead breeding Syngenta Flowers.

After finishing a PhD on resistance breeding and interspecific hybridization, Ronald became a commercial breeder in ornamentals. He is active in crops like Pelargonium, Verbena, Dahlia.
Mallikarjun Mangrule

Mallikarjun Mangrule – Head of Syngenta Flowers APAC

Mallikarjun joined Syngenta Flowers in January this year after a successful career as portfolio manager in Vegetables in APAC. He now oversees all the Syngenta Flowers business in the Asian region.