Starry White
Starry White

Reach for the stars, you might just catch one!


An eye-catching novelty with an Unusual flower pattern. Perfect for the premium segment and for mixed containers to add something different to pelargonium programs. Excellent shelf life at the retail stage with reduced waste.  Starry White has a great outdoor performance and performs really well in the heat and rain.

Starry White

Benefits for growers

  • Fitting in any production schedule with any other geranium
  • The opportunity to produce a specialty or special mix with higher value opportunity at the standard cost of a pelargonium
Starry White

Benefits for retailers

  • Eye-catching novelty with an unusual flower pattern
  • The option to differentiate your assortment with an unusual Pelargonium.
  • Excellent shelf life at retail level giving a longer sales window than an average geranium and reduced waste. 
  • Performs really well in the heat and rain
Starry White

Benefits for consumers

  • Pure white flowers with an unusual flower pattern
  • Great outdoor performance, also in heat and rain. 
  • Less dead heading