Silverado Compact
Silverado Compact

Silver + compact = Magic


Let’s get introduced to the most compact and magically silver leaved Cyclamen series on the market. With a high uniformity and abundance of long-lasting flowers, this is the perfect specialty to boost your winter – or even your Christmas – offer. The Silverado Compact is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage for a magical touch for your interior or the winter garden. 

Silverado Compact

Benefits for growers

  • Combines well with the SeeWhy and Facila series for a complete offer in green and silver leaved varieties
  • More flowers - more colour
  • Ideal for added value
Silverado Compact White

Benefits for retailers

  • A must-have specialty series with eye-catching, contrasting silver foliage
  • The cyclamen series which will boost your winter offer - for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Masses of flowers creating great impact – faster sell-through
  • Great for Christmas sales
Silverado Compact

Benefits for consumers

  • A brilliant silver leaved cyclamen series to boost the winter garden from October till the end of December
  • Masses of flowers creating a great impact
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use