Rosebud Astrid
Rosebud Astrid

The double flowered Pelargonium with a vintage look

This variety gives a totally new twist to Pelargonium programs, big and small. With its rosebud-like double flowers, unique colour changing ability and soft pink vintagelook this variety for sure will give your garden an exclusive twist.

Rosebud Astrid

Benefits for growers

  • Novel variety with irresistible double flowers
  • Soft pink rosebud-like flowers that stands out at retail and in the garden
  • Controlled growth habits work well across a range of small-to-medium pot sizes
Rosebud Astrid

Benefits for retailers

  • Exclusive flower shape, rosebud-like flowers
  • Stand out geranium to give displays an exclusive twist
  • Unique colour changing ability
Rosebud Astrid

Benefits for consumers

  • Exclusive flower shape with rosebud-like flowers Interesting colour changing ability from white to peach
Rosebud Astrid POS

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