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Magnificent in size, magnificent in flower

With a flower size four times bigger than any other varity in its range, this is the spinder series which will sparkle up your Chrysanthemum offer. The perfect specialty to offer in addition to the traditional Mums range.

Magnificent Benefits for growers

Benefits for growers

  • Magnificent flower size which is four times bigger than any other spider variety.
  • Magnificent is thé Spider series to improve your Chrysanthemum offer.
  • Magnificent is uniform in flower, shape, and production due to its shared family genetics
  • This series is easy to produce, to grow and to sellIdeal for trio combinations
  • Magnificent suitable for indoor and outdoor production
  • Available in seven bright colours.
Magnificent Benefits for retailers

Benefits for retailers

  • With four times bigger flowers than any other spider variety, Magnificent stands out in the retail display.
  • From early-mid season production, through the retail display to the autumn garden.
  • Easy to produce, easy to plan, easy to sell
  • Due to its family genetics and uniformity this series is extremely easy to produce for retail offers.
  • Wide Colour range available to complete your Chrysanthemum instore offer.
Magnificent Benefits for consumers

Benefits for consumers

  • With a fower size four times bigger than any other series in its range, Magnificent is attractive for consumers
  • More to enjoy from early autumn to color your winter garden
  • Superb in trio combinations and ideal for your doorstep display

Magnificent Yellow

Magnificent Yellow

Magnificent Bronze

Magnificent Bronze

Magnificent White

Magnificent White

Magnificent Pink

Magnificent Pink
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