Hot Blooded
Hot Blooded

Intense dark red flowers that last


This Lantana is spectacular, with intense dark red flowers that last. A sterile variety with proven performance for maximum flowering throughout the summer. With its' intense dark red flowers and mounding habit. This is the showstopper Lantana.

Hot Blooded

Benefits for Growers

  • Easier to produce due to a tremendous branching
  • Efficient in production: Less heat and light required to get in to flower
  • Can be grown in both small & large pots
Hot Blooded

Benefits for retailers

  • High Impulse product due to its darkest and deepest red colour and the mass of flowers.
  • Sterile variety resulting in better shelflife and not invasive
Hot Blooded

Benefits for consumers

  • Amazing eye catching colour in the garden that last all summer long
  • Impressive garden performance under hot temperatures, even longer than other lantanas because of its sterility
  • Available earlier in the season and performs well in the Autumn as it is less sensitive to cold and rain
  • Outstanding landscape performance