Skybox at its best

Look at the beautiful display of Skybox at the Weisheng Open Days in december 2020 in China.

202012 Weisheng Open Days - Skybox

Expand your horizon of spreading petunias.

Greatness is on the horizon and it comes from seed. A true grandiflora type with real large flowers.

  • New class of large-flowered spreading petunias for high-impact pots and hanging baskets.
  • Reliably targets early season sales with extra early flowering, even under short days, on a tidy and easy to manage plant habit.
  • Very uniform and showy star pattern provides a high-quality option at a great price for high volume spring promotions.

Petunia Pendula - Skybox

Our Customer Service Agent Melanie shows Skybox at the Spring Trials in 2021 in Andijk.

How can you grow Skybox in your greenhouse?