Young plant production center

Our Young Plant Production Center is located in De Lier, the Netherlands. Its size is around 13 hectares. The site started with the production of vegetables, but switched later to young plants for the Flowers business. Year-round there are around 140 employees, with some seasonal workers. In addition to that, around 30 employees and a number of seasonal workers run the separate distribution centre.

4000 different combinations of species and plug types are produced annually in our Xtrays and new Xcarriers. This consists mainly of bedding plants, Perennials and pot plants, with 250 different species and 2500 different varieties.


Young plants are created from seeds or from cuttings that are produced in our farms. For each crop there is a description of what is needed to make a good young plant from a seed or cutting. There are large differences in young plant production per crop, one crop is very fast but another can take up to 6 months. On average, a plant is with us for 4 to 5 weeks before it is send to the customer.