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Key market trends

Growing flowers in Australia and New Zealand is very rewarding. Because of the temperate climate most flower species can be grown yearround. The increased interaction with Asian cultures has fueled the interest in bolder colours. Home gardening is picked up by young people more and more. With a combined population of over 30 million people Australasia (Australia & New Zealand) is a important market for Syngenta Flowers. 

A fast growing market is the home garden vegetables business. Syngenta addresses this with the exciting Vegetalis portfolio.

Breeding for Australia & New Zealand

As consumer preferences vary, the Syngenta Flowers assortment in Australia & New Zealand is wide, covering top selling products like Petunia, Pansy & Viola, Marigold, Cyclamen, Impatiens, Pelargonium, Primula, Salvia, Gazania, Anthirrhinum, Dianthus.

With a range of climate zones from hot humid in the north, gradually declining to a cool temperate climate in the south the market requires strong heat tolerant varieties. 

Like in most economically developed countries, with the rise of the millenials generation, the zest for colors and authenticity in the garden have been a substantial impulse for the flowers business. More then ever before, gardening has become a quality time leisure spending. 

Consumer flower pelargonium purple

Are you a consumer of flowers?

Syngenta Flowers sells seeds, unrooted cuttings and young plants to distributors all over the world. Together with the Syngenta Flowers Distribution Network we serve thousands of professional growers that bring flowers to millions of consumers. In Australia and New Zealand our varieties of pot and bedding flowers find their way to end-consumers via retailers like garden centers or supermarkets. When you have bought a Syngenta Flowers product and encounter any product performance issues, please consult your point of sale retailer.

Syngenta Flowers Australia & New Zealand Distribution Network

Our outstanding genetics reach Australian & New Zealand growers through our highly valued distributors. Please find your Syngenta Flowers Australia & New Zealand distributor near you.

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