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Welcome to Syngenta Flowers Business International, the wholesale business branch that is serving growers in Asia, Australia, Russia & CIS, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. 

Dear customer,

At the moment of writing the introduction of our new catalogue, most countries are in a lockdown. Streets are empty and many people are worried about their health, their jobs, or the wellbeing of their loved ones.

I truly hope that, by the time you are reading this catalogue, your business has taken a turn for the better. We all have faced difficult moments, when markets were completely locked down and the joy of buying fresh flowers suddenly became inaccessible for consumers. Let’s all hope this will
soon be an image of the past.

Last year was a tough year in many markets, but now the time has come to find a new horizon.

A world without flowers is a sad world. Flowers are not just a luxury product - they bring happiness and joy to billions of people every day. Especially so in times when physical contact has become restrictive, the merriment of flowers in the garden has become even more valuable. And in these times with social distancing, there has been a renewed appreciation for walking in parks and public gardens.

These gardens are beautified through your effort to bring our genetics to growers and consumers worldwide. Growers that nurture their plants and bring resilient, colourful, innovative flower products to the markets - for all to enjoy.

Because our industry deserves it, it is important that we work together at our very best to overcome the challenges that face us. Together we will come out stronger - so join me in savouring the fruits of our labour, in every park or garden where beautiful flowers grow.

I wish you a very successful season!

Juul van Loon
Head of Syngenta Flowers Business International

Our new Seeds Catalogue is out now - Syngenta Flowers Business International


Our profile

Doing business with Syngenta Flowers is truly an energetic experience. We are ready for the future. In all we do, the decisive factor will be our character: the energy, the guts, the proactivity and pride in who we are and what we do. It’s a mentality that can move mountains: it inspires, facilitates and is the foundation for our growth and success together with you.

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Building a bright and blooming future together

Syngenta Flowers is serving growers around the world with the best seeds and cuttings to help them stealing hearts of consumers with beautifully grown flowers. With innovative new shapes and exceptional color ranges we bring monetizable value to the business of our partners and growers.


Syngenta Flowers are enjoyed globally

Our breeders have a keen eye on consumer trends in the local markets and are constantly connecting known consumer desires with yet uncovered whishes into their genetic programs. These innovations are brought to your market in stunning new varieties in breathtaking shapes and colors. Syngenta Flowers are grown, traded and enjoyed all over the world. Say it with flowers!



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