Business scope


Syngenta Flowers offers professional services and a wide line of products/genetics from the industry's leading plant breeders. We focus on providing professional growers with high quality young plants as well as selling seeds and unrooted cuttings.

We operate throughout Europe by means of our own dedicated and independent network consisting of sales, marketing, customer service and technical services.

Young Plant Production Centre

Our Young Plant Production Centre is situated in De Lier, The Netherlands. This centre makes us one of the leading automated distribution companies in the floriculture industry. Our facility covers 12,000m² and is equipped with an ultra-modern order picking system. Here, our advanced computer-controlled system processes thousands of trays of plants every day. This gives us the huge through-put capacity we need to deliver the quantity of plants ordered and to get it done on time. We also pay a great deal of attention to product quality, closely monitoring the climate in the facility. The total process is based on a seamless interaction between man and machine. Having well-trained personnel equipped with a high-tech distribution system allows us to provide high quality starting material.

X-tray® and Quality Plugs

Over ten years after the introduction of the X-tray, this reusable tray has proven itself in commercial use and has set a new industry standard. Praised by growers and envied by the competition, many users throughout Europe have learned to appreciate the benefits the X-tray offers.

The X-tray is made of highly polished polypropylene; this helps overcome a major problem facing some growers. Easy ejection takes the difficulty out of transplanting the plugs so that growers are no longer confronted with the problems associated with damaging the plugs during extraction.

The plugs within the trays are made from special blends of media which encourage stronger growth and a better root system. As the roots are not damaged during transplanting, they become established much faster than if they had been raised in ordinary trays. Also, due to the design of the tray legs, the roots remain inside the plug; this means they have an excellent root system which will result in finished products of high quality.

When developing the X-tray, we worked very closely with our partners to ensure that the trays would perform well on any kind of machinery. We now know that the consistency in the size and shape of the X-tray makes it easy to set up the machines so that they will run for very long periods without any problems. The design of the X-tray makes it easy for the machines to extract the plugs. As a result, this product has improved the entire transplanting process.