What our growers say…


“Phlox Sweet Summer in a T45 Plug is a very healthy young plant with no diseases or ditylenchus species. Good genetics mean high uniformity in growth and, as a result, a very homogeneous quality. The vitality of the plants is very good and because of that they are less sensitive to botrytis. That saves our labour. We need only one plant in a 3-litre pot and there is a good selection with eleven colours available. The risk is also minimized because we do not need to overwinter the plants by ourselves.”

Philip Menton Enderlin, Staudenhof Menton

The new T45 plug is an overwintered plug produced in the south of Europe and pinched two or three times. With a short culture time of only 12 weeks, depending on delivery time and circumstances, they will flower in June; three weeks earlier than in the overwintered culture.