Welcome Spring early


We yearn for colour after a long winter. Look no further than the heart-warming Saxifraga Alpino Early™. It flowers from January – earlier than any other saxifrage on the market – and it goes on blooming well into June, attracting crowds of bees. With the biggest colour range on the market and two new colours launching in 2018, not to mention its extremely long shelf-life, there is much to love about this series.

The perfect companion to beat the winter blues is the brilliant white Iberis Snowsurfer™ Forte. Also flowering from January – with pure white blooms over dark green leaves – the new Forte types have much-improved branching and uniformity while the delightful Iberis Snowsurfer™ Compact has a neat, smaller habit. And just when most Iberis are past their best, we have the late-flowering Snowdrift™; which is ideal for catching late sales.

No wonder Iberis and Saxifraga sold over seven million units combined in Europe last year. No surprise either that they are Europe’s number-three and number-one bestselling Spring perennials respectively.