Water: a secret of success


It seems obvious but water quality is very important to plant growth and we shouldn’t underestimate it. That is why Ben Geijtenbeek, Senior Crop Technical Specialist at Syngenta Flowers, based at Enkhuizen in the Netherlands, recommends all growers have their water supply analysed.

Ben says, “All plants need water, so water quality is important for all growers. There is a huge difference between rain water, bore hole water, tap water, ditch or canal water and recirculated water. When water quality is out of balance, or contains unknown elements, it can cause major negative effects on plant quality.”

Ben offers three tips to growers:

  1. Know the quality of your water source by analysing it across all relevant elements.  This requires help from a specialized laboratory but is quick and inexpensive (usually taking a maximum of three days). The list of elements to analyze includes: pH, EC, NH4, NO3, P, K, Ca, Mg, SO4, HCO3, Na, Cl, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Mo.  
  2. Be sure the quality is consistent and controllable.
  3. If water quality cannot be guaranteed, find a reliable local alternative.

By ensuring good water quality, growers can expect higher quality plants; the balance of elements in the fertilizer is optimised and other plant health issues are avoided, such as when elements like chlorine or sodium are present or when water pH varies.

All in all, it’s essential to provide plants with good, clean water.

If you need more detailed advice, please send us your water analysis (via your sales rep) and we will offer you custom-made fertilizer advice.