Twenty percent more Flower Trials visitors at Syngenta Flowers

More visitors at Syngenta Flower Trials

The presentation of innovations and highlights at the FlowerTrials® hosted by Syngenta Flowers in De Lier proved a real crowd-puller this year. “The turnout was overwhelming,” said a delighted Michael Kester, Global Head of Syngenta Flowers in response to the large number of visitors. Syngenta recorded an overall rise of 20 percent in visitor attendance at this year’s FlowerTrials®.

Calliope® and Imara® take centre stage
“A success like this motivates us all and shows that we are heading in the right direction with our focus on innovative products and services to our customers and partners,” said Michael Kester in summing up the successful event. “The fact that our visitors were so complimentary about the presentation here is particularly pleasing,” emphasized Mark Schermer, Head of Marketing Europe for Syngenta Flowers. “We have focused strongly on our branded product Calliope® (Pelargonium) and the introduction of Imara® (Downey Mildew tolerant Impatiens). Both series demonstrate very well how we serve the market. On the one hand, we can demonstrate to our
customers – the growers – the quality and versatility of our products. And on the other hand, we can show retailers how a successful presentation delivered through our retail concepts can reach maximum in-store impact and boost demand. Our presentation showcases the entire range and focusses on the attractiveness of our products, which allows retailers to distinguish our varieties from the competition.”

Calliope® reinvents the geranium
The two highlights of our range thus attracted a great deal of interest. Calliope®, the interspecific geranium series, currently has thirty-four varieties available in the market, with even more to come. “Calliope® has changed the traditional image of the geranium in the minds of the consumer,” explained Alexander Ern, Campaign Manager at Syngenta Flowers. “It is radiant, prolific, robust and free-flowering, as well as being very easy to care for. Furthermore, it is available in almost any colour you could wish for. And anyone who has enjoyed the delights of a Calliope® Cascade with its large, radiant flowers all summer long will come back for more next year.”

After the UK, Imara® conquers the entire European market
Syngenta has launched another strong brand on the European market this year – Imara®. The new Impatiens walleriana series, which is resilient and very tolerant to downy mildew, has already enjoyed great success among British consumers. At the FlowerTrials®, stunning hanging baskets and large display beds illustrated the beauty of Imara®. Imara® is now tasked with conquering the reputation of the free-flowering “Busy Lizzie” throughout Europe.

Free-branching sunflower Sunfinity hits the spot
Another flower highlight that proved particularly popular with visitors was the free-branching sunflower Sunfinity. The multi-bloomed sunflower is an impulse product for bed and container planting which makes an eye-catching feature of any shop display. Consumers will be delighted by the fact that these sunflowers, laden with new buds, bloom continuously well into the autumn, extending the summertime feeling in gardens and on patios.

Innovative breeding
This year the FlowerTrials® provided a platform for Syngenta innovations which was well received by all involved. Visitors made good use of the opportunity to inspect the range of Syngenta Flowers varieties on the impressive Flower Show Field. The plants on display inspired visitors to select an assortment to create a stunning impact in the upcoming season.

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