The Syngenta Flowers team welcomes Varinova during FlowerTrials


During FlowerTrials, Syngenta Flowers welcomed hundreds of visitors. The event was also the introduction of the Varinova team, which became part of Syngenta Flowers at the start of June.

The Varinova Cyclamen got their own spot during FlowerTrials. This is where Bart Kuijer, Sr. Product Specialist, and Carolien Klein, Marketing Communications Specialist, of the Varinova Team proudly presented their most popular varieties.

These new colleagues are a proud addition to the team. “They are absolutely an added value!”, said Mark Schermer, Head of Syngenta Flowers Europe, Africa & Middle East. "The way the products are presented, the knowledge and skills of the team are outstanding; not just about their own products, but Cyclamen in general, which is really a powerful asset for our company."

“Varinova is a family business that has built up a broad range of products with a great deal of passion and focus on Cyclamen.” Schermer said, “That passion for the customers and the products fits us well.”

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