Syngenta Flowers strengthens portfolio


Syngenta Flowers® has developed several initiatives that will boost our portfolio in flower and vegetable seeds, perennials, Poinsettia, Begonia, and more.

Acquisition of Floranova
The first ‘partnership’ is an acquisition. Syngenta has just successfully completed the acquisition of Floranova, the established flower and home garden vegetable seeds breeder. Floranova has a strong portfolio and a wide international presence in more than 50 countries.

We are excited by this important acquisition because it strengthens our business in many ways. Floranova brings an attractive portfolio, including important flower seed crops like Pelargonium, Petunia, Begonia, Salvia, Vinca, Pansy & Viola and Marigold; including a distinctive product line of patio vegetables, sold under the Vegetalis brand.

In its 40 years of successful business, Floranova has developed a complementary seeds portfolio in flowers and home garden vegetables. It has also established partnerships in emerging, fast-growing markets and has established seeds production, processing and seed treatment capabilities and, with its wide network, offers us additional market presence.

Both Syngenta and Floranova will continue to operate as independent companies. They will maintain their own distribution and differentiated product positioning. The company brand positioning will be distinct and largely complementary.

Syngenta and Floranova will cooperate in areas like seeds production and processing, and the use of breeding technologies, to boost our mutual capabilities. Bringing together the expertise, portfolios and pipelines of Floranova and Syngenta will enable us to do more to meet growers’ needs in both established and emerging markets.

Syngenta Flowers® has also launched an exciting marketing initiative with Danziger in the USA and Canada, bringing the two companies’ extensive perennial portfolios together. The resulting single offering will be named ThinkPlants™, in a move that will strengthen both companies’ commitment to growers, brokers and retailers.

Also making their offering available through ThinkPlants™ will be Kapiteyn , the breeder and supplier of Captain Callas, and Unex USA, a supplier of bare-root perennials and bulbs.

Meanwhile, Syngenta Flowers® and Beekenkamp Plants have announced a new initiative to bring together their extraordinary Poinsettia portfolios and supply chain in time for the 2019 season.

This partnership will be for the North American market only.

De Wit Export
Syngenta Flowers® has also obtained exclusive rights to the Begonia Grace portfolio from De Wit Export. We will be marketing Begonia Grace worldwide. We are looking forward to bringing forward a highly attractive line of Begonias for our customers.

These initiatives will strengthen our portfolio, further boosting our offer to customers.