Syngenta Flowers looks back at a succesful Shanghai IPM

Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Chinese team

The Syngenta Flowers China team (from left to right): Technical Executive Lena Li, Marketing Specialist Kathy Ding, Technical Executive Phoebe Xie and Business Manager Menni Liu.

The 23rd Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai ended successfully last week for Syngenta. The team welcomed many professional growers, agronomists, flower retailers and distributors. All were amazed with the impressive new genetics that were on display in the colorful Syngenta Flowers booth. In the previous years the Syngenta Flowers team participated in stands of their customers. This years the Chinese team took pride in setting up a Syngenta Flowers booth in the largest and most important specialized horticultural fair in China. 

Many Chinese growers know the Syngenta brand from the leading position it has in the agrochemical industry. But besides protecting crops Syngenta Flowers is a true expert in developing gorgeous flowers from seeds and cuttings. 

Innovations in a wide portfolio

One of the eye-catching elements in the Syngenta booth was reserved for the Dahlia. The Dahlegria serie attracted a lot of attention. Dahlegria Dahlias are tall dark and handsome! The strong flower colors show a great contract with the very dark foliage. This makes the single bright flowers really pop! Dahlegria is ideal for containers and landscape applications because of it's upright habit. Dahlegria comes in a complete range of bright flowers that are truly a favorite among consumers and pollinators.

Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Dahlia x Hybrida Dahlegria
Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Dahlia Happy Days

Unlimited colors with Limitless

With Begonia Limitless, Syngenta offers a Begonia tuberhybrida (from seeds) with very large, semi to fully double flowers in a very wide range of colors. Limitless is 7 days earlier than competition and required very little or no PGR's to grow a perfect plant habit. LImitless is a shade lover in many basic and truly special colors, like LImitless Salmon Shades, Limitless Sunset and Limitless Sunrise.

Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Begonia Limitless
Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Technical Executive Phoebe Xie

Growers were instructed by the knowledgeable Chinese team. Here Technical Executive Phoebe Xie gives tips to a customer on how to grow the innovative Helianthus variety Sunfinity. Sunfinity is the next generation of sunflowers. It offers non-stop blooming and continuous flowers throughout the entire season. 

Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021 - Sunfinity

'Thumbs up for Sunfinity!' according this grower from Beijing, who gave high praise to the Sunfinity.

Syngenta Flowers China IPM Shanghai 2021

Syngenta Flowers China Business Head Menni Liu together with Mr. Qian from Yuanyi.

IPM China

The Hortiflorexpo IPM is the largest and most important specialized horticultural fair in China. It is held every year alternately in Beijing and Shanghai. At this event the entire Chinese horticultural industry comes together. The Hortiflorexpo IPM is the ideal place for providing a suitable platform for innovations, trends and new products of the industry. The exhibition shows an extensive selection from the areas of plants, engineering, floristry and sales promotion. The IPM for 2022 will be held in Beijing. 

Syngenta Flowers China.