Syngenta Flowers joins Club of 100 Greenhouse Horticulture

Head Marketing EAME Mark Schermer and Sjaak Bakker of WUR Glastuinbouw.

Syngenta Flowers joins the Club of 100 Greenhouse Horticulture. This Club of 100 is part of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. For Syngenta Flowers the membership offers an opportunity to contribute to the continuous innovation in horticulture.

When joining the Club of 100, Syngenta Flowers can make use of the broad expertise of the WUR Greenhouse Horticulture unit. In addition, members of the Club of 100 contribute to the funding of strategic research in greenhouse horticulture.

These studies have a timeline of 5 to 10 years and lay the foundation for the future of the sector, which faces enormous challenges. Examples are the structural increase in the cost of energy and a market that continues to demand new products and sets increasingly higher demands on the entire production process.

"It is pleasant that Syngenta Flowers joins the Club of 100," says Sjaak Bakker of WUR Greenhouse Horticulture. "It is a well-known company that helps growers around the world meet the continuously evolving demand from the market and society with innovative solutions."

Club of 100
The Club of 100 consists of companies that contribute to innovations in greenhouse horticulture, such as greenhouse builders, installation companies in the field of energy, climate and water, potting soil and substrate suppliers, suppliers of crop protection and insurers.