Syngenta Flowers brightens up Sprookjeswonderland with more than 20,000 plants

Rob van Dansik and Frank van Westen of Sprookjeswonderland in the greenhouse of Syngenta, where they create the hanging baskets for Sprookjeswonderland.

Helleborus in the winter, violets in the spring and geraniums in the summer: more than 20,000 colorful plants of Syngenta Flowers bloom in Sprookjeswonderland this year, a theme park about fairy tales in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. The purpose of the cooperation of these two companies that are based in Enkhuizen? Make Sprookjeswonderland even more fairy-tale-ish!

After a winter break, Sprookjeswonderland opened its doors for a new season on 13 April. It is spring and the Violas of which Syngenta Flowers is known of are in full bloom. "There must always be a beautiful flower, we now have many small flowered violas in the park," says Frank van Westen, gardener at Sprookjeswonderland. "And those are just the best!"

Once upon a time… there was a greenhouse in Enkhuizen
Now that the sun shows itself more often, the violas will make place for summer bloomers, such as petunias, geraniums, verbenas and sunflowers. Brightening up Sprookjeswonderland starts in the greenhouses of Syngenta in Enkhuizen. Frank and colleagues Rob van Dansik, Herman de Wit and Jacco Haakman prepare the first planters. "We are currently creating hanging baskets, of which more than 60 will be hanging around in the park," Frank explains. “We call that preliminary work. We could still get night frost, which is why we are not planting in the open field yet. ”

“We have been working with Syngenta for many years now, we order the plants every winter. We have a fairly fixed plant list, but we also look at the novelties, Syngenta has something new every year", says Frank. “This year we have Sunfinity for the first time. I saw it last year along the road of the Syngenta site and I am curious how the plant will look in our park. "

‘Not really common’
The gardeners from Sprookjeswonderland try to enchant the visitors with the plants. Not only with new plant species such as Sunfinity - a sunflower bush that was introduced last year. But also with surprising flower and color combinations. That's where Frank gets a lot of positive responses. "For example, we plant Cyclamen in the open field and that is not really common, visitors are surprised how beautiful the result of this is."

The colorful sea of ​​flowers inspires and brings curiosity to visitors of Sprookjeswonderland. "The most frequently asked question has been the name of a certain plant for years", Frank says. And there will be an answer to this now, because all plants that are in the open field will have a nameplate. On it you can read exactly which plant of Syngenta Flowers is involved and what Sprookjeswonderland uses it for.

Everyone can now enjoy a colorful Sprookjeswonderland, the park is open daily again from 10 a.m. For more information, visit or