A suitable Petunia for all places in the world

From left to right: Picobella Cascade, Damask and Plush.

Summer is approaching and consumers are increasingly encountering Petunia on the shelves. Breeder Eric Giesen works all year round on updated versions of the Petunia. Large flowers, small flowers, a trailing plant, or compact: Syngenta Flowers has the desired plant in its assortment for a suitable place wherever in the world

Syngenta Flowers sells Petunia out of seeds and cuttings, Floranova also has the plant in its assortment. "We only sell F1 hybrids for Petunias," explains Eric Giesen. "A hybrid is a cross between two parent lines, which means that the plants are extra strong and uniform."

Small flowers and large flowers
The Picobella series is a small-flowered petunia, Damask and Duvet have a medium size flower, the so-called Petunia multiflora. Ramblin and Plush are trailing plants. And then there is the large-flowered Petunia Grandiflora, of which Syngenta Flowers has the TriTunia and Duvet series in its range.

"Plush is very early and compact, which is ideal for growers and transportation", says Eric. “Ramblin is big and strong and the best in the field. On the other hand, Plush and Picobella are again the best choice for the mixes, because these varieties do not grow too big. Petunia can quickly become too large and then overgrow. "

Everyone has their own preferences
The wide-growing types are especially popular in the US, while in Europe is a trend for a compact mixes. Eric: “We are dealing with the Asian market, America, Europe, so there are many opinions: trailing, upwards, wide, compact, mini flowers. Everyone has their own preferences."

Besides that, there is a countless amount of colors. “What I like is a mix of white, blue and purple, which really are the best colors. As you have red for Pelargonium, yellow for the Violin, those are the favorite colors for the Petunia. ”He puts the colors together. “It's a very nice mix, do you see that? These are the natural colors, the most beautiful and bright colors with lots of contrast. ”

Care advise
When it comes to care, Eric has some extra tips for the consumer. “Give enough water, because that is sometimes forgotten, but it's very important.” For growers, Eric has a completely different advice. "I would advise growers to be careful with water, keep the plants a little drier, otherwise they will become too large."

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