Shanghai Yuanyi invests to meet rapid demand growth in Chinese flower consumption

New greenhouse of Yuanyi

Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling recently opened a brand-new propagation company, equipped with fully automated production lines. This way Shanghai Yuanyi tries to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand in the Chinese flower consumption. The new location covers no less than 20 hectares. On 10 hectares modern greenhouse have been built and the remaining 10 hectares are for outdoor trials fields. The new greenhouses are equipped with modern horticultural technologies, like reverse osmosis water system, A-B schedule fertilization, 5 fully automated sowing lines and more.

Bring color to China

Syngenta Flowers is focused on bringing their outstanding genetic to the Chinese people. Since this market is rapidly developing, Syngenta Flowers is committed to supporting growers with multiple disease resistant genetics and special traits like heat-tolerance and easy to control plant habits.

Shanghai Yuanyi is a Chinese flower distributor that responds quickly to the growing demand of flower consumption in China. To be fully able to meet the demand the company is building a brand-new propagation company, equipped with a fully automated production lines that will be fully operational in autumn of 2020.

The Shanghai Yuanyi flower show is also part of the Flower Expo 2021. This grand Chinese flower exhibition will be held on the same date next year. During the flower show, there are several activities like flower borders design competition, flowers quality selection and seminars for growers.

Flower Garden of Yuanyi showing Syngenta varieties