Shanghai Yuanyi impresses with beautiful flower gardens during Open Days

Sunfinity at Shanghai Yuanyi open days

During their open day on May 20th, Flower distributor Shanghai Yuanyi showcased a beautiful flower show garden with around 1000 varieties from 8 breeding companies on display. More than 300 of those varieties were from Yuanyi’s primary partner Syngenta Flowers. On show were mainly summer products like Sunfinity, Mandevilla Rio Series, Salvia Salsa, Impatiens Imara, Pentas Beebright, Marigold Antigua, Dianthus Super parfait, Laurentia Starshine and some perennials.

Non-stop color in landscaping

The new varieties were shown in different applications: container displays showed the flowers in hanging baskets and large containers. Several comparison trials presented outdoor performance of key landscape products. The many Chinese growers that attended the festivities expressed a lot of interest in the new material, especially in Sunfinity. This interspecific sunflower revolutionizes the Helianthus class by providing season-long flowering in both the garden and patio containers, unlike traditional Sunflowers that flower once and then die. In addition to non-stop color in landscape and garden, consumers can also cut and bring flowers into their homes for added enjoyment.

Downey mildew in Shanghai area

Impatiens Imara is also a big hit. Outstanding for its downy mildew resistance in this flower show. This is the first year that downy mildew was found in Shanghai area. And almost all the impatiens in landscape were infected. But in the comparison trial between Imara and the other commercial Impatiens, Imara showed excellent disease resistance - no infected plants, outstanding garden performance and free flowering!

Imara comparison trials Downey Mildew at Shanghai Yuanyi open days

Unique features to meet gardeners needs

One of the growers’ favorite crops in the flower show definitely is Mandevilla Rio Series. Rio Series is bred by Syngenta Flowers, and Yuanyi has distribution exclusivity in China. This rich flowering plant is easy to grow, well-branching, has shorter stems, and shows brilliant and elongated leaves. Moreover, it provides good heat tolerance and can well grow under low light conditions. There are four types in Rio Series - Rio Petite, Rio, Rio Elegant and Rio Grande. Each type offers unique features that create opportunities to have your production meet the needs of your customers, and ultimately, the gardeners.

Mandevilla Rio at Shanghai Yuanyi open days

Product presentation

Syngenta Flowers has its 100m2 demo garden in this flower show, with more than 50 varieties displayed. Visitors could walk in between the flowers beds, experiencing and observing closely on plant habits and their outstanding performance.

Yuanyi product presentation Syngenta Flowers

Next to the impressive product presentations there were several online seminars developed by Chinese and European colleagues from Syngenta Flowers. Technical Executives China, Phoebe Xie and Lena Li, gave insightful presentations on Syngenta’s wide assortments of seeds and vegetative crops. By doing so, they brought the online audience closer to the crops’ performance in Syngenta Garden on the LIVE show. Business Development Manager of Syngenta Flowers Business International, Gerard Werink gave a comprehensive seminar on perennials concepts and Syngenta genetics introduction. This helped growers to understand the flowering mechanism of perennials and grow a better product. Senior Technical Specialist Ben Geijtenbeek hosted a seminar on general bedding plants growing. During his previous visits in China, he discovered that the Chinese growers are eager to learn more about his technical insights of crop nurturing to improve their plant quality. Finally, the Syngenta Flowers senior management presented a ‘welcome and thank you note’ via a recorded video to the Chinese growers.

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