Rosebud Astrid Pelargonium of the Year 2021


Blomsterfrämjandet awarded the double-flowered pelargonium because its great growing qualities and charming features

On March 25, Syngenta Flowers’ Rosebud Astrid was awarded Pelargonium of the Year 2021 by the Swedish industrial organization Blomsterfrämjandet. The double-flowered pelargonium and its great growing qualities outshined all other nominated varieties this year. 
What is Pelargonium of the Year? To highlight the diversity of the Pelargonium range available on the market, every year one specific variety will be awarded. To receive the award there are a few requirements: the variety must be a healthy and vigorous geranium with something iconic and it must stand out compared to other geraniums. 
Why was Rosebud Astrid selected as Pelargonium of the Year 2021? The variety has double flowers that shimmer in different shades of pink and apricot. The leaves are a fresh green with a broad, undulating, chocolate-brown zonal marking. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the variety has fantastic growing qualities: the Pelargonium delivers floral splendour both indoors and outdoors, withstands rain and debris and offers unlikely flowering all summer long! 
Besides that, the flowers of Rosebud Astrid are very charming. They are small and almost rose-like and are tightly packed together like a small bouquet of terns. The edge of the petal is creamy white with a pink tinge, followed by romantic pink and then a deep, pale apricot. The colour can vary depending on location, for example the flowers take on a more apricot color indoors and more pink outdoors. 
Anders Haglund, grower at Torsång Handelsträdgård in Dalarna: "I had the privilege of growing the variety last year and I must say that it is one of the best Pelargoniums of the Year we have ever had! 'Astrid' has a fantastic flower, is stable in cultivation and really good at home with the end customer. I have had it out on the steps at home myself and it is very hardy. Many Pelargoniums with double flowers are at risk of rain damage, but 'Astrid' is holding up very well. This variety has a chance of becoming a real favourite!” 
For next year, growers can order Rosebud Astrid at their local Syngenta Flowers sales representative. The variety is for retail still available in Norway, Sweden, Finland and France. Want to know more about the availability of Rosebud Astrid in your country? Please contact your Syngenta Flowers sales representative. 
Swedish consumers can buy Rosebud Astrid in most garden centers and flower shops. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a store, Pelargonium of the Year is also sold by many online stores.