Robbie Gieslink: "I am proud to lead the breeding of Delta®!"



Robbie Gieslink

Delta® celebrates its 25th birthday! But how did the Delta® Pansies become such a great success over the years? Because our breeders observed the market in order to sense or create trends with innovations, at a time when they are still far away in the future. In the last 6 years alone, over 40% of the Delta® range has been renewed or improved! Robbie Gieslink leads the breeders team of Delta® now for more than 10 years:

“For over 25 years a team of breeders, growers, pollinators and scientists in Syngenta work every day to create the best pansies for all our customers: growers, retailers and consumers. We want you to have pansies that are easy and reliable to produce, sell through and enjoyed in every garden. I am proud to lead the breeding process of Delta® Pansies for over a decade now and I’m grateful to see our pansies being produced and enjoyed all over the world. But there is no time to sit back and relax: the climate change, the need for more sustainable production, evolving consumer trends are changing the requirements for success of tomorrow’s pansy. Myself and my team are looking forward to continuing to provide you with the best pansies today and for the coming 25 years.”  

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