Poinsettia Titan


Poinsettia Titan wins two awards in the Dutch Federation of Horticulture and Agriculture (LTO) comparative trials!

At the Poinsettia Crop Conference on 19 January a Titan poinsettia from Syngenta FloriPro Services® was once again recognised as the best variety in pot sizes 10.5 cm and 13 cm. After many wins of the Titan Red, this year the spotlight was on Titan White.

‘Success! Our Titan White poinsettia, in pot sizes 10.5 and 13 cm, has won an award,' tweeted Kwekerij Baas enthusiastically as soon as the results were announced at about 3 p.m. during the Poinsettia Crop Conference at FloraHolland in Naaldwijk.


What makes this so special is that a Titan poinsettia varieties has been among the prizewinners in the LTO awards for the last four years and even before that, in 2011, the Titan Red was recognised as the best new introduction. In every subsequent year the Titan series, known for its excellent shelf life, high degree of uniformity and effective habit, has secured a prize in each pot size and as best variety overall. These characteristics make the Titan series popular at every stage in the supply chain, from grower to consumer.

"Thanks to its short response time and controllable growth, as well as the ease with which the plants can be sleeved, the Titan series is the ideal choice for larger-scale production. These varieties are very easy to transport and their long shelf life is a great advantage for both retailers and consumers. With Titan you are choosing reliability in all these areas. This has been demonstrated every year for the last five years - time and again we have won an award or certificate for one of the three colours in the series." So says Ronald Snijder, poinsettia breeder at Syngenta.

The Titan series comes in the colours Red, Pink and White and is sold exclusively by Syngenta FloriPro Services® in a Paperpot, as a Quickstep® and as an unrooted cutting. Titan is cultivated by several growers in the UK and The Netherlands, but also in other countries in Europe. If you are interested in acquiring this prizewinner, please contact Syngenta Floripro Services.