The perfect Poinsettia


A grower recently told us: “Anyone can grow Poinsettia Mirage.” That’s how easy it is to produce this stunning introduction.

One of three outstanding new poinsettias from Syngenta Flowers®, including Lyra and Vega, Mirage Red is a true grower’s poinsettia.

Easy production is a definite advantage but it also wins the hearts of retailers and consumers for its beauty and durability. In fact, we believe it will drive the poinsettia market.

Mirage Red can be produced in pots from 6cm all the way up to 13cm and requires very few PGRs, which is highly unusual for poinsettia. It offers dark green foliage that contrasts beautifully with its nostalgic, vibrant, red bracts. And unlike some varieties, it boasts long-lasting cyathia for a durable shelf-life.

Interestingly, the bracts produced on Mirage Red contain less blue than many other red varieties. So it looks more vibrant in the artificial light conditions often found in retail and home environments.

For a medium-vigour alternative, look no further than Lyra Red, which is suitable for 10cm to 25cm container programmes. And for a vigorous Poinsettia with that attractive V-shape favoured in many markets, choose Vega Red

Place your orders for Mirage Red now and enjoy one of the easiest to produce Poinsettias ever developed.  

The perfect Poinsettia