Our young professionals Yara Voskuilen and Nick van Uffelen in KAS Magazine


KAS Magazine made a beautiful special about young people working in the horticulture sector. In this issue, Yara Voskuilen and Nick van Uffelen explain why they feel so at home at Syngenta Flowers.

As an intern, Nick van Uffelen quickly became fascinated by Syngenta's approach. In 2019, when he had completed his master's degree in supply chain management, Syngenta wanted to continue with him. Nick was the first to work with our new graduate program, where he got to know as many departments, people and processes as possible through various projects within a year and a half. He is currently working on the development & implementation of a new young plant production & distribution tray: the Xcarrier.

Yara has just been employed by Syngenta for a year now. Before that, she worked for De Ruiter (now Bayer) in food seeds for 10 years. It was a nice job, but in the end her passion turned out to lie with plants and flowers. In her eyes, working for a multinational company offers many advantages. It gives you great insights in what is for sale in the world. That there is not one truth, not one culture and certainly not one way of working".

In the Netherlands, Syngenta also has a young professional club, with over 150 members, of which Yara is also a member. They meet regularly for lectures of various kinds. Another advantage of a large company is that you can request a wide range of training courses. Yara: "I always look ahead to more than one position. That way you avoid the question 'what do I want to do next? And there are enough interesting positions within Syngenta to be able to continue on my way here".