Imara® testimonial


Aix-les-Bains is a city in France where nature and gardening take up a central spot. Maurice Canaux takes care of the gardens within the city and uses the Impatiens walleriana Imara®. Curious to know about his experience? Read here his testimonial about Imara®:

“I am very happy to retrieve the Impatiens that we lost and especially to use it in shady areas, since the plant was not replaced in such areas of the city. We also retrieved the good holding ability of Impatiens, the floriferousness. The result of Imara is above our expectations, just how the Impatiens used to flourish 20 years ago. The large pots we have are generous and never stopped to flower this summer. The ramification is good. I missed Impatiens during all those years. It can be mixed with other plants like Fuchsia in the shade. In Aix-les-Bains it was not only placed in a shade or semi-shade area but also in full sun near the greenhouses of the city where they are looking good.” - Maurice Canaux (September 2018).