Helleborus niger Christmas Carol

Helleborus niger Christmas Carol

Looking for a breathtaking hellebore to add to your winter production? Look no further than Helleborus niger Christmas Carol.

Guaranteed to flower several weeks before Christmas and light up any winter garden, Helleborus niger Christmas Carol is one of the best-loved and most widely-cultivated Helleborus on the market. Available in a number of pot sizes, it is suitable for planting in borders or patio pots.

These are just some of the reasons why we are pulling out all the stops this month to promote this gorgeous winter pearl, which is part of our special Winter Pearl Collection.

In the build-up to Christmas, we’re taking Helleborus niger Christmas Carol to photo shoots, producing press releases to generate awareness, newsletters crammed with ideas and updates, and displaying Helleborus niger Christmas Carol at trade exhibitions, such as FloraHolland.   

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Helleborus niger Christmas CarolHelleborus niger Christmas CarolHelleborus niger Christmas Carol