Helenium Hayday wins FleuroSelect Gold medal

Gold medal for Hayday

Our helenium autumnale Hayday Golden Bicolor has been awarded with a Gold medal because of its outstanding performance in the FleuroSelect annual trials of 2021.

FleuroSelect annual trials

Every year, together with participating members, FleuroSelect conducts trials of new ornamental varieties. This is done across Europe in countries like The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark Switzerland and Poland.
The entries are evaluated by a independent jury of experts. The criteria is based on innovation, practical use, quality and exclusivity.

The evaluation of Hayday

In 2021 we introduced Hayday, a helenium autumnale that is one of the first to be suited for larger beds and landscaping but also for patio containers and smaller borders. The dense branching results in loads of flowers that attract pollinators and wildlife. The brightly coloured golden-yellow blooms with red undersides flower from summer through autumn until the first frost.

The jury stated: 
“Hayday has a nicely controlled and upright growing habit, making this variety perfect for perennial pot production programs. Thanks to the very long flowering period, retailers will love the extended sales window of this Helenium. Finally, the consumer will adore the warm golden yellow glow in the garden until the very end of autumn. Hayday Golden Bicolor, the classic prairie wildflower now also on the patio.”

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