Guangdong Weisheng holds the 6th Flower Variety Exhibition

Syngenta Flowers Chistmas presenta

On December 28, 2020, the 6th Flower Variety Exhibition of Guangdong Weisheng opened in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong. 

This year's variety exhibition was jointly held by Guangdong Weisheng Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd. and Syngenta Flowers. Despite the smaller setup of the event, due to the Covid pandemic, hundreds of beautiful Syngenta Flowers were on display in this annual open day. And Santa had put some nice presents under the Christmas tree for the coming season...

More than 300 Chinese growers visited the event to re-connect with their supplier Guangdong Weisheng and exchange business insights. But also to learn about the colorful innovations in the Syngenta Flowers portfolio.

The Syngenta Flowers China team was present with Business Manager Menni Liu, Technical Executives Phoebe Xie and Lena Li and Marketing Specialist Kathy Ding. Together they provided valuable information for the professional growers that attended the event.


Weisheng open days

Guangdong Weisheng, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong

Weisheng demofield

The exhibition displayed nearly 250 new and excellent flowers from Syngenta Flowers. The wide range of shapes and colors were deeply loved by the professional audience. In the assortment, Syngenta showed award winning series like the strong Imara XDR with multiple disease resistancies. Imara provides a proven landscape performance that fights back to downy mildew with reliable flowering all season long. The Cora XDR series in Catharanthus roseus (vinca) ensures growers a higher consumer appeal. Their large showy flowers are available in the widest range of solid and high demand bicolor patterns of any disease resistant vinca on the market.

202012 Weisheng Open Days - Imara

Programmable Petunias and showy Begonias

But also the new Petunia Spreading series "Flashforward" and "FotoFinish" were on display. Flashforward is a miniature flowering, spreading Petunia, perfectly suited for basket, mixed container and premium pack programs. It has less dey length sensitivity and therefore provides extra early flowering in 9-10 weeks from sowing, even under challenging garden and weather conditions. Fotofinish is the most uniform spreading petunia (Petunia pendula) with perfectly matched plant habits and flowering time. FotoFinish got it's name because it's very good programmable flowering in 9-10 weeks from sowing. Fotofinish is always fastest to the finish!

In the Begonia X Hybrida, the Top Hat series were showing off with strong, large and vigorous flowers. Chinese growers were impressed by Tophat's excellent vigor and extra large flowers, perfect for landscaping and large containers.

Already a few years ago Syngenta Flowers shook up the ornamental sunflower business with the introduction of Sunfinity. Unlinke traditional sunflowers that wither after only one bloom, Sunfinity continues to bloom in the flower bed or garden pots for two to three months in a row. Sunfinity grows vigorously and rapidly with strong branching. The number of flowers per plant easily count yup to 50, and have sometimes even reached the 100 flowers per plant.




Weisheng open days 2
202012 Weisheng Open Days - Fotofinish
Syngenta Flowers Christmas tree