Great grower solutions: New Petunia series FotoFinish™ & FlashForward™


This year we are delighted to introduce two new series of trailing Petunia from seed. The launch of our large- flowered FotoFinish™ and milliflora FlashForward™ is perfect timing. Both are specially selected for shorter day length needs and a perfect habit for mass-market production. Now more than ever, with staycations increasing in importance and household budgets getting tighter, affordable trailing Petunia from seed will help brighten up any outdoor space.

FlashForward™ – plays well alone and with others

Our second new introduction in this segment is the Petunia milliflora series FlashForward™, which is being launched with eleven single colours and three mixes: White, Salmon, Coral, Red, Pink Glow, Pink, Burgundy, Lavender, Purple, Sky Blue, Blue, Cool Water Mix, Mix and Patriot Mix.

As the scientific name suggests, this is a Petunia with a multitude of miniature flowers. Plants in this series also need a very short cultivation period, and their durability is exceptionally good. A real premium performer from seed.
FlashForward™ varieties are perfect for hanging baskets, mixed containers and premium pack programs.

Thanks to their lower day length sensitivity they flower extra early and are ready to sell in 9-10 weeks from sowing, even under short day conditions. These plants are easier to keep tidy at retail than traditional trailing Petunias and don’t overgrow companions in mixed plantings.

Read more about FlashForward™ in our catalogue or contact your sales rep

FotoFinish™ faster to the finish

This large-flowered Petunia pendula series is being launched in 2020 with eight single colours and two mixtures. It is characterised by an extremely short cultivation cycle. The plants provide extra-early flowering in 9-10 weeks from sowing, even under short day conditions, thanks to their lower day length sensitivity.

The mounded and branching habit of FotoFinish™ is ideal for high-density growing. They flower at the top of the plant at first for quick and easy shipping.

Read more about FotoFinish™ in our catalogue or contact your sales rep.

Thanks to close collaboration between our breeder Eric Giesen and Floranova Petunia breeder Nadine Widdowson, more varieties will soon be available in these two colourful series of trailing Petunias.