Floricultural effort: stand together against loneliness amongst the elderly

Let hope bloom

Ali B and the horticultural sector bring flowers to about 150,000 lonely elderly people on Good Friday

Many parties from the horticultural sector have joined forces in recent days and are organising a national campaign against loneliness amongst the elderly, in collaboration with Dutch rapper Ali B. On Good Friday, April 10, no fewer than 150,000 colourful bouquets will be distributed to all care homes in the Netherlands and through home care organisations to reach elderly people who may be at home alone. 

The Dutch horticultural sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis with an 80% loss of turnover, but despite all the setbacks, the time to act and fight against loneliness among the elderly is now. 'The horticultural sector stands together against loneliness amongst the elderly' is an initiative of the sector in collaboration with Ali B., joining forces to not forget lonely elderly people during this difficult time. “We’ve never all been affected by loneliness this much before,” said Ali. “ It could be your own mother, your neighbour, or someone you would never expected being lonely right now being affected, we’re reaching out to those who cannot be visited.” 

About 150,000 colourful bouquets will be distributed to all care homes and home care organisations in the Netherlands through 250 deliveries on Good Friday. Organisation ANBO for the elderly is supporting this promotion with a list of locations where the flowers are welcome; nursing homes, but also organisations who are able to reach the elderly at home alone.

In the media

Thanks to Ali B. and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Health, Welfare and Sport), the initiative got off to a flying start after they managed to reach various media outlets with a flower message last Saturday . The horticultural sector wants to make a difference now, despite having been hit severely hard, and inspire others not to sit back, but to act. As Ali B. raps: "Even if your business is standing still, make the difference where possible." 

Flowers and plants are always there for us. To cheer us up and to give us hope. Therefore, this is an urgent appeal to contribute to this great initiative. Buy a beautiful bouquet or plant and it will be delivered to someone who is currently unable to receive visitors. We stand together against loneliness, now is the time! #lethopebloom

For more information, please contact:

Dennis van der Lubbe
Managing director Flower Council of Holland
+31 (0)174 72 7010