First Syngenta Flowers Garland Marigold Indi series delivered in India

Indian farmers buying new Indi series hybrid marigold from Syngenta Flowers

Meet with farmer Parmar Dipakbhai Manubhai. Parmar is a farmer in the Village Arad, Ta Halol, in the Province Gujrat. 

Parmar is among the lucky first growers who can commercially grow the new Syngenta Flowers Indi series hybrid Garland Marigold. Indi series is available in three varieties: Indi Yellow, Indi Orange and Indi Tall Yellow. The varieties are known for their vigorous growth. All three varieties produce beautiful round ball shape, firm flowers, very suitable for making garland. Last season, the Indi series has been tested in various provinces in India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka & Tamilnadu, during the rainy season, Gujarat was one of them. The results of all trial locations were assessed by the Syngenta Technical Team and this resulted in the introduction of three brand new varieties: Indi Yello, Indi Orange and Indi Tall Yellow. The Syngenta Marigold seed varieties are sold through the Syngenta Vegetables market distributors & retailers. 


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Agricultural hotspot in India

Maharashtra and Gujrat are states on the West coast of India with a population of over 180 million people. Agriculture has taken a rise in recent history with many crops grown such as sugarcane, maize, soybean, rice, fruits and vegetables. In recent years the agribusiness saw an annual growth of 10-11% compared to an annual growth rate of 3% in the rest of India's agriculture. The strengths of Maharashtra's and Gujarat's agricultural success have been attributed to a high diversification of crops. This is possible because Maharashtra has 9 agriculture climatic zones and Gujrat has 8. The existence of no less then 11 agricultural universities in these states promotes agricultural efficiency and sustainability. 

Cultivation of garland marigold

Vegetables growers grow marigold crops in three seasons: rainy season, late rainy season and summer season. The states are responsible for 40% of the national production of garland marigold. Cultivation of garland marigold is still increasing among farmers because of the good profitability of the production in a short period of time.

Ready for market

The Garland Marigold varieties have been widely tested in the field on a wide range of unique selling points, like flower shape,size and firmness and plant quality. But Key Account Manager Gautam Sangle also reached out to the flower vendors to integrate their product needs into the profile. This way he ensured not only high yielding varieties, but also a marketable product for Indian Marigold growers. The Syngenta Marigold varieties are appreciated by their weight, but also their shelf life. This makes it possible to keep the garland flowers fresh during long transportation times. 

Gautam Sangle at seed shop for feedback on Indi series during trials

Gift wrapped

Of course, we want our growers to get the best seeds possible. But this also means receiving seeds in the best conditions possible. The Syngenta Flowers Marigold varieties are sold in a robust plastic container with a screw cap. The packaging has been thoroughly tested for strenght and insulation power. This ensures that Indian Garland Marigold growers receive the precious seeds in the best possible condition. It's like unwrapping your birthday present... The design looks nice, but what really counts, is what's inside!

Syngenta Flowers Marigold Indi Orange packaging

Read more on the introduction of the new Syngenta Flowers Marigold varieties. Live from the Krushik Agri Expo, February 15th 2021.