Feel the Energy at IPM 2020? Yeah!


This year we were again present at the Internationale Pflanzenmesse (IPM) in Essen, Germany. This is the largest Trade Fair for the flower business in Europe. Our Syngenta Flowers stand at the IPM was yet a great success! The enthusiasm of our colleagues in action at the stand amidst beautifully displayed flowers was simply contagious. We asked Michael Kester, (Head of Flowers) at the IPM what novelties Syngenta Flowers will bring in 2020:

What do you expect from the IPM Trade Fair this year?
“For us it brings the unique opportunity to show our innovations. And because it is early in the year, we introduce people to our attractive novelties, and they can easily place orders for the months to come.”

What’s great about the Helleborus Christmas Carol?
“This is not a novelty as such, because it was introduced four years ago, but it is still very unique. Because it is the earliest flowering Christmas Rose from seed on the market. Up to 80% of Christmas Carol plants flower before Christmas. Hence why this crop has been established as a brand for retailers.”

SunBlast, is that a new brand?
“Yes, this is a new introduction of this year. As you can see it is a compact sunflower in a pot that will continue flowering. So, as a consumer you will have a long time of enjoyment during the year.”

What is the limitless range of begonias?
"Limitless begonias are unique. The flowers the plant produces have beautiful shades and colors and can grow 10% bigger than other begonias in this category.” 

Why is Imara unique? 
“We introduced the brand Imara in 2018. We were the first one on the market that had impatiens (Walleriana) that is resistant to a fungus disease that destroys the crop. So, with Imara impatiens you know you will have a season long enjoyment in your garden. While non-resistant impatiens will only last for about 6 to 7 weeks.” 

Save the date: In 2021 Syngenta Flowers will again be present at the IPM in Essen from the 26th of January till 29th of January 2021.