Eighth Beijing Florascape Flower Show


Beijing Florascape (BJFC) is one of the largest and most influential state-owned, ornamental young-plant suppliers and landscaping companies in China.

The BJFC flower show normally holds every 2 years during IPM Beijing. Because of the strict travelling restrictions due to the COVID-19, BJFC created the second digital broadcast of a flower show this year, like the one in 2020. With the use of VR technology, they achieved a safe but entertaining program for the attendees at BJFC’s location. The virtual show was also broadcast across social media platforms such as Wechat, together with lots of online lectures.

The theme of this year's spring flower show is "growing and blooming together with You". The show will last from May 12 to May 22. More than 400 new varieties of self-bred and native plants, more than 600 innovations of foreign breeding companies are displayed in the International Flower Port, Shunyi District, Beijing, and Beijing Florascape Co., Ltd.’s R&D center..


Theme Display in the front door

Over 40 companies from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, including 30 scientific research institutes and flower companies in Beijing, and 14 foreign breeding companies. The exhibition area is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, with a total area of more than 5,000 square meters. The indoor area is 2,000 square meters, which is divided into new product release area, international breeding company exhibition area, Large-scale Landscape area, home gardening exhibition area, etc. The outdoor exhibition area is 1,000 square meters, which is the exhibition area for native plants, new varieties trialing and mixed flower borders.


Indoor display


Indoor display- Flower Wall Year of Tiger


Outdoor mixed flower borders

BJFC has its own booth displaying self-bred chrysanthemum, begonia, coleus and Hemerocallis.


Florascape booth display

BJFC is a long-time business partner and licensee of Syngenta Flowers. Massive plant and flower displays of our genetics are created for the event in one of BJFC’s largest greenhouses. Syngenta Flowers also has our own booth display at the show, featuring a selection of innovations: helianthus, dahlia, pelargonium, argyranthemum, verbena, lantana, osteospermum, penstemon etc.


Syngenta flowers booth display

In recent years, BJFC has introduced many innovations of Syngenta Flowers into China, including Pelargonium “Calliope”, which is sold exclusively by them, Verbena Lanai up, Dahlia Dahlegria, Dahlia Sincerity, Dahlia Grandalia, Argyranthemum Molimba, Penstemon phoenix etc.. This year, BJFC announced the launch of a new helianthus Sunblast in the Chinese market for the first time in the new product release ceremony.


Helianthus annuus Sunblast

During the 8th Beijing Florascape Flower Show, Technical Executive Lena Li gave a live-steam lecture on the selected innovations of Syngenta Flowers vegetative crops. She gave a detailed introduction of 16 excellent series including the very new Helianthus Sunblast, Well-known Pelargonium Calliope, award winner Dhalia Sincerity and Helenium Hayday.

The lecture was followed by a live steam of onsite introduction given by Technical Executive Phoebe Xie and Business Manager Menni Liu. The fantastic performance of our varieties really impressed the audiences.

More than 1300 people watched the live stream on the Chinese online platform Wechat. The entire footage can be seen via this play back link (in Chinese, no subtitles)




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Pelargonium interspecific Pretty Little


Dahlia x Hybrida Dehlegria Magenta Bicolor


Argyranthemum frutescens Molimba M Pink L & Double Deep Rose


Verbena Hybrida Lanai Up Strawberry Daiquiri


Aquilegia caerulea Kirigami Deep Blue & White


Lantana camara Bandana Hot Red


Penstemon hartwegii Phoenix Pink

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