Delta series improved by 45 percent


The products in our assortment are constantly being examined. The aim of our R&D Team is to continuously improve the range. Same counts for the Delta series; 45% of the varieties have been improved by more than 45% in the last years. Product Manager Ronald Karsenbarg tells more about the improvements.

"It seems quiet sometimes around the Delta series, but in recent years we have improved and replaced more than 45% in this series", says Ronald Karsenbarg. With regard to points for improvement, the focus is on flowering time, plant habit and uniformity. "The series has become more and more uniform, the uniformity in plant habit and flowering time between the different colors is a very strong point."

Easy in production and transport

But there are more points that breeders put forward when improving the series. “In breeding, the focus is also on short branching, which makes this series easy to produce for the grower, while it has less stretching during transport." On top of that, Delta violas are also suitable for the winter season. "These are the same plants, they first start to bloom in the fall and then again during spring time."

Syngenta Flowers has improvements within the Delta series annually. This year, an entirely new color is even being introduced: Delta Lavender Shades. Recently, Breeder Robbie Gieslink explained all ins and outs in an interview (read more).

“Delta has been around for 25 years, I dare to say that it’s the most reliable series of Violas in the market. Delta will be ready in Week 8, despite a dark winter. Also, they don’t ‘explode’ in extremely hot periods", says Ronald. “This makes Delta reliable throughout the year. There is a high germination, wide color range and they bloom for a long time. On average, the Delta series has more flowering impact than comparable varieties. ”

Delta Speedy
The Delta Speedy series is part of the Delta series. “Delta Speedy is a programmable Viola series. This can help the grower with promotions: if the grower needs to deliver in Week 8, Day 3 we can assist to achieve that goal", explains Ronald. “You can use Delta Speedy for a short cultivation, which makes it suitable to use it right after the cultivation of Poinsettia. Another great combination is Delta with Deltini, which both have a rather short cultivation time."