Consumers’ favourites


Coming in 2019 – and all tested with end consumers – our brand new Trio (MultiColours) Combinations in one paper plug.

Extensive trials over two years in Germany, France and the UK, have helped us select stunning, successful combinations. Each combo has been developed based on growth habit and flowering time and to exactly match the desires of end consumers.

Produced in 60-hole trays, an array of 11 combinations will be available initially. The selection will include: two Calibrachoa, two Verbena, one Lobelia, one Petunia, one Sutera and four mixed species combinations. 

Syngenta Flowers® Campaign Manager Alexander Ern says, “Our new Trio mixes were tested at independent trial stations and all of them had the combinations earned high rankings. Other blends that also showed an outstanding garden performance this year were our Petunia Dekko Leonardo Mix Improved, our Lobelia® Sea Mix and the Sutera Cabana® Amazonas Mix.”

More importantly, based on our research, our Trio combinations are exactly what consumders love the most. So if you’re looking for a commercial product that will sell in 2019, this is it.

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Consumers’ favourites