Compact Trio Deltini excels in uniformity


A new addition in 2020 on Syngenta Flowers’ order form for young plants: Trio Deltini. One plug with three different violas from the Deltini series, the most uniform cornuta series. Trio Deltini is available in 5 different colour combinations which have been extensively tested and are suitable for both spring and autumn flowering.

"Deltini is a very compact series in the cornuta world", says Product Manager Ronald Karsenbarg. “They are known to flourish and grow equally. The three different colours do not grow against each other, it remains a nice compact combination.”

The uniformity is a characteristic of Deltini, which is why the series fits so well in this Trio product form. According to Ronald, this offers convenience for the grower, who does not have to order three different plugs and then combine these himself. “The three different seeds have already been sown in this one plug. The cultivation process is also the same as the other Deltini violas."

The Deltini series is suitable as a spring and autumn pansy. The mixes fit best in the larger pot sizes of 12 or 13 centimeters.

Shown on IPM 2020 and the spring PopUp Show in Germany 
The five different mixes have been extensively tested and will be available from 2020. Curious about this new series? Then visit Syngenta Flowers at IPM Essen 2020, the PopUp Show in Germany or our Spring Trials where we show Trio Deltini.