Colour your winter garden with our special garden Cyclamen!

Garden Cyclamen

A large proportion of our Cyclamen is perfect for use in the garden. However, research shows that many end consumers are not aware of this. Currently, Cyclamen are still considered as indoor plants. This means that there is still a lot of sales potential within this market. In order to make sure our growers benefit from this opportunity; we have selected a range of Cyclamen that are a perfect fit for outdoor use. To prove the outdoor performance of these Cyclamen, various trials have been done.

To help growers and retailers on their way, we have added a special icon to our catalogue. This indicates which series are suitable for outdoor use.

Goblet is one of the mini Cyclamen series that is particulary suitable to be used outdoor. Its strong weather tolerance makes it perfect for planting in borders using on the terrace or balcony in containers. 

Melody Garden, as the name already implies, is also a great outdoor Cyclamen. It is well-suited for landscaping garden plantings. This cyclamen will add extra colour in the garden during the autumn and winter season.

Silverado is also great to be used in the garden. The mini, silver leaved Cyclamen is perfect for the Christmas season. This year we have improved two varieties (Compact white and Scarlet) and added two new colours (Compact Wine and Compact Purple).

Want to know more about our Cyclamen assortment? Have a look at our newest Pot plants catalogue or contact your local sales representative.